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Home away from home...

farm to table since 1993.

  • Want to enjoy the day outside and sit in the park?

  • On your way to Guatemala City and need a coffee?


     CAFE CONDESA EXPRESS is your solution. 

We offer delicious coffee beverages (100% Antiguan beans in our house blend; 100% organic in our espresso blend), homemade chai tea,  cakes, pies and pastries, sandwiches, fruit, and yogurt & granola parfait.   We also have curb service on the way to Guatemala.  





Next door to Cafe Condesa Restaurant 

La Casa del Conde 

Central Park

5a. Avenida Norte No. 4

Portal del Comercio  




On the way to Guatemala City 

Curb Service

4ta. Calle Oriente No. 51 


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