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Home away from home...

farm to table since 1993.

Cafe Condesa has a promotion exclusively for you, our long time customers. 


First we would like to thank you for your loyalty and your support. We truly appreciate the great publicity that you provide us with your constant presence and your good words. It's because of folks like you that our restaurant has been successful. 


Secondly, we'd like to thank you in a form that's concrete: inviting you to be a part of our program called CLUB MAYORDOMO (The Butler's Club)- the Countess' friends- for our regular customers. 




Fill out the application and leave it with your server and on your next visit, your card will be waiting for you at the cash register.   The card allows you a 10% discount on all cash purchases or a 5% discount on credit card purchases. **   


The only thing we ask is that your Card be for personal use only. Remember that the discount you receive is our form of thanking you for your business. To be able to apply the discount on your every purchase, please present this Membership Card to your server and sign the check with your name and club number. 


From all of us at Cafe Condesa: Thank you for being our customer! 


**Discounts are not available on souvenirs, items in the Little Shoppe, coffee by the pound, gift certificates or alcoholic beverages.

Why the Butler's Club?? He was in the wall!  Read this exerpt from our menu..... 


Welcome to the "Cafe of the Countess!" This beautiful colonial house was built in 1549; it later became part of the Royal Houses in the country's capital city, Santiago de Guatemala. The First Count to occupy the house (1609) was the first "cloak and dagger" president (non-educated) who had no vote within his own court. Successive Counts inherited the title and occupied the house for many years until the capital city was transferred in 1775, to modern Guatemala City. 


Like many old houses, this house has its bits of folklore. Supposedly, one of the Counts made an unexpected return from a voyage and found his wife in an indiscretion with the butler. Rumor has it that the butler was buried alive by the angry Count. During reparations after the 1976 earthquake, the rumor was supported when a skeleton was discovered within the pantry wall...and apparently had been buried standing up! Just to be on the safe side, the house was exorcized in 1992. And since the Cafe has been established, no strange noises have been heard. Perhaps the spirits are satisfied now that there are good smells coming out of our kitchen and the gardens are beautiful once again! 

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